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Friday, March 9, 2012

Market Watch Game Update

Here is the update on the Market Watch game. There are now 6 players, and still no one is running away with it, so there is plenty of time to get in. We did have a problem on Tuesday with orders not working, which caused me to lose a lot more than I should have since all of my stops would have been hit. I made the mistake of cancelling the stops and entering market orders, only to discover that they weren't working either. They then executed the next day, when the system was working again, so I ended up losing about double what I should have. The next time something like that happens, the best course is to do nothing and just wait for the order system to start working again.

Fortunately I have kept a few positions open and gained back a lot of the loses with this rally. I currently have no stops set but will set some before the close. I have been quite a bit more lucky than good, and still under performing the market. This weekend I am going to be looking at some possible short positions as I am not quite convinced this rally will continue, but will keep some longs in case I am wrong.

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