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Friday, April 6, 2012

Market Watch Game Update

 Here is the update on the Market Watch game I started in January.We still have only 6 players, with nobody yet running away with it. If we are getting a real correction, this will be a good chance to get started. I really stunk up the joint this week: I expected to take a few losses on my attempts to short AAPL and PCLN, but I have also taken losses on my long positions. Fortunately I am still in small.

Here are my current holdings. I did get a short on AAPL again after getting stopped out earlier this week, and got stopped out of a PCLN short. I had several limit buy orders in case we got some pullbacks on leading stocks, but only got filled on BWLD. I will enter some more on Monday, as I expect a few more to pull back, and will be looking for more shorts. Short selling has so far been a losing proposition for me (I have actually done fairly well with the longs), so I need work there.

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