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Friday, May 11, 2012

Market Watch Game Update

Here is the weekly Market watch game update. After two weeks in a row of getting some decent gains only to give them all back, I was determined not to do it again this week. Unfortunately, I did.
On the plus side, I didn't lose much this week.

Here are my current holdings. I was long RGR this week, and had a very nice gain yesterday, but gave half of it back this morning and got stopped out. I had one good short trade this week, but I only held that for two days, had 2 shorts that I gave back most of the gains before getting stopped out, and one really bad trade where I lost about 8%. I also repeated the bonehead mistake of going long when I meant to short, something I am really going to have to stop. Right now I am still leaning short, but with the market reversing as quickly as it has been, it's probably a good idea to stay out for now.

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