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Friday, June 15, 2012

Market Watch Game Update

Here is the Market Watch game update for this week. Since I lost my Market Watch password, and they have a nearly impossible system for retrieving it, I decided to just start a new account. The timing was good, since I had just gone to all cash with my old account. So, now I am SamuraiTrader2.

I started out with 4 buys on Monday, mainly just to buy something. I chose 4 stocks from the leadership list that I thought most likely to go up this week, and got 2 of the 4 right. MNST is doing quite well right now, SAM was doing very well earlier this week but has since pulled in. I may be adding to those positions. SWI has not been doing well, but not bad enough to dump yet, and ULTA has gone nowhere. Right now my bias is long, but we are currently into resistance and that can change quickly.

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