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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One Quarter Performance

I have looked at the stocks from the price relative non breakout new highs list of June 4th, looking for characteristics that might have predicted there performance, and unfortunately really haven't found anything. Performance seems to be based more on the EPS reported for that quarter, which is reported after June 4th, so is of no predictive value

Ticker Price as a % of 52 Wk H-L Range Market Cap P/E PEG EPS growth this year EPS growth next year EPS growth past 5 years EPS growth next 5 years Sales growth past 5 years Return on Equity
KBALB 87.7 260.75 45.87 1.66 -0.55 0.24 -0.29 0.28 0.02 0.02
KBALB 100 347.93 40.39 1.46 1.35 0.17 -0.12 0.28 -0.02 0.03
MNST 92.09 12792.85 44 3.03 0.35 0.23 0.25 0.15 0.23 0.32
MNST 35.76 9423.13 29.84 1.99 0.35 0.23 0.25 0.15 0.23 0.31

Here are two of the stocks, the top line the "before" statistics, the second line the "after", on quarter later. KBALB had the biggest one quarter gain of the bunch, and the biggest changes to it are the EPS numbers. MNST had the biggest one quarter decline, and while it's numbers didn't change much, it's report this quarter was a disappointment and resulted in a substantial drop. This is only one day's worth of data, so it's hard to jump to conclusions, but so far it looks more like price predicting EPS rather than the other way around.

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