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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Price Relative Scan

The price relative scan has been uploaded here. You may notice several new columns on the spreadsheet, they will be explained in the next paragraph. The price relative scores for this week are uploaded here, and the updated historical data is here.

Last week I discovered a serious flaw, not in the data or spreadsheet, but in my interpretation of the results. I have been keeping a list of stocks in 200 day up trends in price relative, unaware that I was using the wrong data set. That means that the stocks I assumed to be in 200 day up trends were not necessarily, although most are, quite a few aren't. I am now using the correct data set and have the results: column Q of the spreadsheet has those stocks. If you wish to use them in a Finviz screen, you can download the spreadsheet (it is one page, so any format should work fine) and copy and paste the tickers into the Finviz screener.  Column N is a row of 1s and 0s: if it is a 1, the the ticker in column I is on the list in column Q; if it is a 0 then it is not there. Column O is the stocks meeting the buy criteria, and column P is the same 1s and 0s. I plan to eliminate all the stocks in column I that have 0s, since they are not in 200 day up trends. I will also be updating the list in column Q weekly, and may add a separate sheet and put all the data I have on them there. My goal is to have something that will be as good, if not better, than IBD's "RS" rating, which, back in the days when I read IBD a lot, I found to be the best indicator of short term performance.

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