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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Price Relative Scan

The price relative scan for Friday is uploaded here: there are 4 buy candidates listed in column O. Column Q contains the stocks coming up as 200 day price relative up trends. Column R is the stocks being added this week, and column S is the stocks being dropped. Turnover is still pretty high, and this week there are a lot more dropping off than being added. I will continue to check for false positives and negatives: if I can find them, I can probably fix why they happen.

The price relative scores for this week are uploaded here, and the updated historical data is here.

These are the top 25 stocks in the number of times hitting the non breakout new highs list in the last 200 days (click on the picture to get a readable image). The stocks making that list are generally the strongest in the market at the time, and these are the strongest of the strong. A few have not made the list in several weeks but are still in the top 25, meaning they had extremely high prior strength. Some have since gone into down trends, but others are in bases: these are the ones I will be looking for this week.

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