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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

These are the industries with 80% or more of their stocks advancing today.

These are the industries with 35% or more of their stocks making new highs.

REIT-healthcare facilities is the obvious leader today, but since I have already looked at it a million times, I wanted to look at somehing different. Specialty eateries is a former leading group, which at one time was 5 stocks, but is now down to 3, much too small to give meaningful numbers. That is a shame, because two of he three, PNRA and SBUX, are either current or potential leaders, and should be on anyone's watch list. The third, BDL, is a formerly thinly traded laggard that is now in the midst of a very big vertical move, which is why this group has high numbers now.  That one is a potential O'Neil high, tight flag, alhough it is at least several weeks away from that. This is a group to watch closely, I think it has a lot of potential right now.

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