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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

 These are the industries with 70% or more of their stocks advancing today.

 These are the industries with 30% or more of their stocks making new highs.

We aren; getting much of a pullback, and not many leading groups among today's leaders, so I figured today isn't going to be very constructive. There is one group common to both lists today, internet service providers, which is 5 stocks and one I would normally not be paying much attention to, but there is one stock here, IIJI, that is Japanese and has been going ballistic since the Yen devaluation kicked into high gear. It is not very heavily traded and probably should be avoided. Looking the the charts, I noticed 2 others, QIHU and VIPS, which are quite strong and get decent volume. Those two should be kept on the radar.

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