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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Monitor This!

Here it is, July 4, exactly 237 years after the United States of America came into existence, based on the belief that, and I paraphrase, that these truths are self evident: all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, among these life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They went on to say that Governments are instituted to insure those rights, and the Government governs with the consent of the people. And here is the killer shot: when a government fails to secure these rights, and fails to obtain the consent of the governed, It is the right, indeed, the duty of those same people to change, or abolish, that government. I would say the events of the last 12 years, if not longer than that, have certainly qualified as “non consent” of the governed. Obamacare alone, which, to this day, nobody knows exactly what it entails, is an intrusion on the citizens of the United States, rubber stamped by an “independent” Supreme Court on grounds that even the worst third world kangaroo court could never dream up, is about as unpopular as a skunk at a picnic, yet it is going to be forced down our throats, for our own good. We have our communications monitored by the NSA, again, for our own good, and the man who revealed that monitoring is in hiding in, of all places, Russia, in fear for his life. When you have to flee to Russia to escape tyranny, you have to be thinking “something is wrong here”. Now that the older citizens have been made debt slaves, the burden of growing debt has been placed on our kids, again, for their own good. Small business is being destroyed, for the benefit of big business, who of course, employ millions of people, all in the third world.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood: in recent months I lost my best friend, my dog, and since then two other close friends, one to cancer, the other to sudden heart failure, but the truth is, this discontent has been brewing for a few years now. I may not be able to stop the government, or even slow them down, and certainly in no position to abolish the government, but what I can do is take myself out of the loop. That's right, shove your student loans, shove your gun control, shove your monitoring my calls. And shove Obamacare. I'm opting out, even if that means I had to be inconvenienced more often then not.. Even if it means I'm uncomfortable sometimes. Even if it means I have to stand up to the IRS, the police, the NSA, or even the military. Those men who signed that document 237 years ago deserve nothing less.

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