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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stocks To Watch This Quarter

Since I don;t have any graphs to post today, and it is the beginning of a new quarter, I thought it might be a good idea to go through the earnings list and make not of which stocks i should be watching for this quarter. 
I picked 3 characteristics to look for: 1) triple digit growth last quarter, 2) 2 or more triple digit quarters in the last 4; and 3) 3 or more quarters in the last 4 of accelrating growth. Here are the results:

Triple digit quarter -ADUS, AEPI

2 or more triple digit quarters in the last 4 -AAON, ACTG, AEPI, DDS, DGI, GPIC, JVA, KKD, PDFS, TUC 

3 or more quarters of accelerating growth - AFSI, AHGP, CACC, CAKE, CYBX, DORM, FHCO, GPIC, HWKN, MED, SMP, TYL, VSI

Theree are probably other things to be looking for, but these are the only 3 that I could think of this morning. 

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