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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Early Industry Leaders

Tobacco Products, Other2150
Diversified Computer Systems3133.33
Recreational Vehicles7228.57
Catalog & Mail Order Houses16425
Auto Dealerships13323.08
Meat Products9222.22
Technical & System Software19315.79
Beverages - Wineries & Distillers7114.29
Food - Major Diversified14214.29
Home Furnishing Stores7114.29
Information & Delivery Services7114.29
Jewelry Stores7114.29
Personal Products21314.29
Sporting Activities7114.29
Technical Services21314.29
Aerospace/Defense Products & Services40512.5
Farm Products17211.76
Industrial Equipment & Components17211.76
Auto Manufacturers - Major9111.11
Beverages - Brewers9111.11
Foreign Money Center Banks9111.11
Healthcare Information Services9111.11
Movie Production, Theaters9111.11
Recreational Goods, Other9111.11

Here are the early industry leaders in  percentage of stocks making new highs.

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