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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Earnings Growth Charts

 I have 3 stocks from the earnings list, plus 5 others that reported earlier this quarter, choosing some that did not get posted last quarter. On the graphs, in he top panel he red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, the black line is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle the red line is quarterly EPS, the green quarterly tevenue, black is price, and blue price relative to SPX. None of these reported the end of a fiscal year, so I did not include annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume.

AFCE reported this week, and reorted accelerating growth. This is in a stron 5 year up trend, and that trnd is getting stronger, with very good EPS and revenue growth. This is probably due for a base building period, but I don;t think it is going to happen in the immediate future.

CRMT also reported this week. It does appear to be entering a base building period as EPS growth has hit a wall. I don;t have much revenue history on this one, so the big jump in revenue may not actually be a big jump. There won;t be much to do here unil we see whether the growht will reusme, or collapse, and at this point it is a coin flip.

 CYBX was the third to report this week. EPS growth seems to have weakened slightly, but revenue growth is still strong. It is in the right sida of a deep base, and may be getting ready to break out; if revenue growth like this continues, EPS and price will follow.

 DMRC reported earlier this quarter, and the chart is up to date as of the week it reported. EPS gwoth has been a little lackluster, and I don;t have a lot of revenue history, but this does have potential for growth. The trouble is, right now it is all potential.

 EZPW has been in a down trend for nearly 3 years, and the down trend started just before EPS topped out. EPS had a huge drop this quarter, but revenue growth, while slowing, is still positive. This may get things turned around eventually, but apparently the market doesn;t think it is going to happen in the foreseeable future.

 FHCO has had a very strong run for about 2 years now, on fairly mediocre EPS numbers. EPS and revenue suffered a big drop this quarter, but so far price has had a pretty small drop. This is probably going to be spending the next few weeks, if not months, in a base.

GEOS was in a very strong up trend, but has since pulled back quite sharply on a drop in EPS. Revenue is still growing, so EPS will probably resume it's growth, but this may be in the base building process for quite a while.

OUTR is the former CSTR. Normally a change in both ticker and company name is the kiss of death for a growth stock: this one has been experiencing slowing growth for about a year. It may be in the right side of a base, although it does not appear to be well formed. This may be one that escapes the name change curse, but for now I'm going to wait a while before touching it.

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