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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

Name08/24/13Change4 week avg10 week avg4 wk - 10 wk40 week avg10 wk - 40 wkStocksAdv (week)200 dTotalAdv (today)NH
Music & Video Stores33.33-33.347590-1548.6341.37333.330273.3266.6733.33
Electronics Stores8008080044.9235.085806046010020
Marketing Services507.1444.6440.933.7122.4718.461457.1414.29258.7810016.67
Sporting Goods66.67079.1783.33-4.1757.9425.39683.330391.6610016.67
Jewelry Stores57.14-14.2971.4374.28-2.8639.5534.73771.4314.29345.757.1414.29
Beverages - Brewers44.44044.4432.2212.2239.89-7.67922.2211.11198.8755.5611.11
Advertising Agencies406.673537.33-2.3337.59-0.261060202348010
Gaming Activities40042.5411.531.579.431080202667010
Recreational Goods, Other50-12.553.1359.25-6.1332.626.6587502787010

Here are today's leading industries.

This is sporting goods, a 6 stock group that is having a pretty good day today, but is otherwise pretty un notable. ESCA is a relatively strong stock, but the rest are mediocre at best. Such is the state of leadership in the market right now.

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