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Monday, September 9, 2013

Early Industry Leaders

Home Improvement Stores4125
Resorts & Casinos20420
Computers Wholesale6116.67
Semiconductor- Memory Chips6116.67
Sporting Goods6116.67
Auto Dealerships13215.38
Management Services20315
Internet Information Providers48714.58
Home Furnishing Stores7114.29
Lumber, Wood Production7114.29
Recreational Vehicles7114.29
Specialized Health Services15213.33
Waste Management23313.04
Small Tools & Accessories8112.5
Trucks & Other Vehicles8112.5
Diversified Machinery62711.29
Accident & Health Insurance9111.11
Foreign Money Center Banks9111.11
Industrial Equipment & Components18211.11
Meat Products9111.11
Movie Production, Theaters9111.11
Telecom Services - Foreign9111.11
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services49510.2

These are the early industry leaders in percentage of stocks making new highs.

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