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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Earnings Growth Charts

 I have 5 stocks from the earnings list reporting last week, plus 3 others from earlier this quarter, for a total of 8 graphs today. On the graphs, in the top panel the red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, black is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle the red line is quarterly EPS, green is quarterly revenue, black is price, and blue price relative to SPX. If the stock is reporting the end of a fiscal year, the large ted bars are annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume.

AVAV is up first. This one is basically going nowhere, and the only thing that will keep it on the list another quarter is a lack of candidates to replace it.

 BWS has been in a very sttrong up trend for about 2 years, but EPS and revenue growth have been mediocre at best. This did have triple digit growth this quarter, but the market reacted negatively, and looking at this chart, you can see why.

 DSW has been in a monster up trend for nearly 5 years, with rapidly growth EPS and revenue. EPS appears to be slowing down, but revenue growth is still strong. This is probably overdue for a base, but it doesn't look like it is going to be here.

 DY reported the end of a fiscal year, and growth slowed this year after a big increase last year. This just recently broke out of a base, so the market may have already priced in this year's growth and is anticipating higher growth next year.

 KKD has made a very strong move in the last year, but may have hit a wall this quarter. Growth is still high but decelerating, and this had a pretty negative reaction. This may be down as a leader, but not yet out, and is probably going to spend most of this quarter in a base. Watch for it next quarter.

KWR is a recent addition to the list, and reported earlier this quarter. It has pretty steady EPS growth, good long term revenue growth, and a long term up trend. It may not be flashy, but it looks very good in the long term.

 N has been in a very strong  up trend for about 3 yeats, but recently suffered a big drop in EPS growth rate. This chart is current as of the time it reported, so it doesn't show what it has done since, but I suspect it is due for a base.

NEU has also been slowing in it's growth rate, and has been in a base since early this year. It is still a pretty strong stock, and should stage a pretty nice breakout on a resumption of high growth, if that happens. This is very much a potential leading stock.

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