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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Earnings Growth Charts

 I have one stock from the earnings list reporting this week, and 7 others that reported earlier this quarter. Believe it or not, there are still several graphs I haven;t posted yet, so even with no reports over the next couple of weeks, I will have some to post. On the graphs, in the top panel the red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, the black line is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle, the red line is quarterly EPS, the green quarterly revenue, black price, and blue price relative to SPX. None of these reported the end of a fiscal year, so I did not include annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume. 

IVC reported earler this quarter. This is one that is being removed in this quarter's update: I think the graph shows pretty clearly why.

LL reported in early August; since then it has continued to climb until the drop yesterday after bad news (see yesterday's Leader Charts post). This still has a very high growth rate, and it is questionable just how long that can be sustained, but for now this is still a market leader. However, a stock coming under the scrutiny of the Federal Government may not be a good choice for an investment.

 PDFS also reported in early August. This one doesn't quite have the high growth as the previous chart, but is is still pretty high. Since this chart is as of the report date, you can't see the base it has been in since then; it is now forming a handle and may be about to break out.

 RRTS also reported in early August. It did gap down on the report, but has been trading sideways ever since and is very likely to form the right side of a base soon.  EPS growth is fair but revenue growth is very high, and that appears to be what the market is responding to.

 SNX was the one that reported this week. It had a breakout prior to the report on an acquisition, and did not do much on this report, which was not that impressive. This has had pretty low growth over the last few quarters, but with this acquisition it might resume growing again.

 SWM reported in early August but had been rising rapidly before that, and has continued since then. This has gotten way ahead of it's growth rate, and I don;t expect this move to last much longer.

TUC is a recent addition to the list, and was one that had a very high growth quarter that caught my eye, but it's 5 year growth is not that ompressive. Revenue growth is nearly non existent. Despite that, price has done reasonably well, and it is in a long base that looks like it is completing now.  It does not get much volume, so it is unlikely that we will see the big money pile into it any time soon.
TYL reported in early August with a disappointing report, and after this had a shallow pullback, but has since resumed the up trend and is at a new high, so apparently the market believes next quarter will be better. Growth has been pretty consistent, and the price up trend, which is not as steep as it looks on a linear chart, is quite sustainable.

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