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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

Name09/07/13Change4 week avg10 week avg4 wk - 10 wk40 week avg10 wk - 40 wkStocksAdv (week)200 dTotalAdv (today)NH
Drugs Wholesale75-2593.7597.5-3.7592.255.254755046010050
Home Improvement Stores50056.2571-14.7576.25-5.254025258.55050
Machine Tools & Accessories54.55068.1974.55-6.3656.3718.181172.739.09347.354.5545.45
Electronics Stores40-407076-658.517.5540603168040
Healthcare Information Services44.4411.1155.5666.67-11.1149.9716.7977.780311.1233.3333.33
Internet Service Providers66.6733.3458.3460.67-2.3361.17-0.5310033.33410.6910033.33
Music & Video Stores33.33041.6776.67-3560.8315.83366.6733.33293.3333.3333.33
Specialty Eateries33.33033.3343.33-1038.335310033.33276.6566.6733.33
Sporting Goods50058.3480-21.6768.6811.32666.670313.3466.6733.33
Auto Dealerships61.5423.0855.7763.85-8.0868.99-5.141310023.08383.0938.4630.77
Drug Stores42.8614.2946.4352.86-6.4356.9-4.05785.7114.29302.8685.7128.57
Resorts & Casinos45055.8360.38-4.5548.7511.64207015302.056525
Small Tools & Accessories37.5046.8860-13.1361.56-1.56862.50253.7562.525
Trucks & Other Vehicles5012.562.580-17.564.0615.94887.512.5367.512.525

Here are today's leading industries.

With the morning weakness, we really see the leading industries come up to the front. One of them is machine tools and accessories, which, after looking at the charts, is one I realized I looked at last week. At that time I chalked up it's strength to an acquisition, but the strength is continuing and we are seeing a few more of these start moving. PRLB is the leader, with NNBR, ROLL, SWK, and TKR not far behind. There are a few lagging stocks in this group, when they start moving up, the leaders will likely start rolling over.

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