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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

Name09/20/13Change4 week avg10 week avg4 wk - 10 wk40 week avg10 wk - 40 wkStocksAdv (week)200 dTotalAdv (today)NH
Marketing Services21.437.1423.2235.6-12.3930.025.581471.4314.29198.3271.4328.57
Farm & Construction Machinery15.38019.2333.08-13.8537.16-4.081361.547.69157.1592.3123.08
Accident & Health Insurance11.11-33.3336.1164.44-28.3465-0.56944.4444.44200.3177.7822.22
Movie Production, Theaters55.5622.2336.1153.34-17.2354.92-1.58988.8922.22311.4677.7822.22
Gaming Activities301027.536-8.534.821.181050201997020
Broadcasting - TV31.2512.523.4443.75-20.3165.51-21.77167512.5225.8768.7518.75
Discount, Variety Stores45.45040.9164.55-23.644618.551190.910281.7363.6418.18
Foreign Regional Banks17.39015.2222.72-7.541.37-18.652386.960168.5147.8317.39
Surety & Title Insurance16.67013.3443.33-3056.35-13.016500130.6883.3316.67
Health Care Plans0-69.2346.1666.93-20.7751.1915.73137.6923.08121.7869.2315.38
Water Utilities15.387.697.6933.85-26.1651.57-17.731376.927.69157.953.8515.38
Management Services50542.555-12.543.4411.562080203036515

Here are today's leading industries.

For the second day in a row, there are few leading industries among the day's leaders. Movie studios and theaters is 9 stocks, and a recent leader that has dropped quite a bit since May. The two leading stocks here, LGF and DWA, are now in rather sharp pullbacks, and a couple of former laggards, CKEC and RENT, have taken the lead. Whether the first two are going to bounce back has yet to be seen, but if they don't, this group will probably drop some more. 

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