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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Now that earnings have started in earnest, we are going to be seeing some old leaders drop out and some new leadership come to the fore. SNDK is normally a stock I would not be waching, as it has not hit a new high in price relative in about 4 months, but this has been in a very nice base since then and broke out nicley today. It should come up as a breakout today, but will not be scoring very highly on the price relative scan for a while, assuming it keeps going up. That brings up a dilemma: do you buy it now, anticipating a period of high relative strength, or wait for it to prove it has relative strength, thus missing out on a big part of the move? I don;t know the answer to that, but so far, waiting for it to prove it has relative strength seems to be working out the best.

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