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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

Name10/04/13Change4 week avg10 week avg4 wk - 10 wk40 week avg10 wk - 40 wkStocksAdv (week)200 dTotalAdv (today)NH
Drugs Wholesale1002587.592.5-593.75-1.25410025517.55075
Dairy Products33.33016.6713.333.3332.71-19.38333.330113.3233.3333.33
Specialty Eateries33.33033.3333.33041.67-8.34333.3333.33199.9833.3333.33
Broadcasting - Radio45.459.0943.1853.64-10.4661.31-7.671154.5527.27276.3618.1818.18
Sporting Goods33.33-16.6745.8360-14.1768.88-8.88666.6733.33268.325016.67
Semiconductor - Specialized34.387.1128.2936.16-7.8735.210.953271.8821.21227.3221.8815.63
Food Wholesale12.5021.8840.18-18.342.54-2.3785012.5158.9312.512.5
Telecom Services - Foreign11.11016.6722.22-5.5628.9-6.68988.890155.5544.4411.11
Advertising Agencies10-1017.526-8.540.21-14.211040101111010
Gaming Activities10101529-1433.8-4.81060201592010
Management Services40-1046.2549.5-3.2545.154.352030302323510

Here are today's leading industries.

Broadcasting - radio is an 11 stock group that has come on strong in 2013, but has had a sharp pullback in recent week. However, it is still in the top 10 in relative strength, and has a lot of stocks that are at or near new highs. Unfortunately, some of them are taking a beating today: those that are not are ROIA, ROIAK, and SIRI

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