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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Today's Leading Industry

Name10/04/13Change4 week avg10 week avg4 wk - 10 wk40 week avg10 wk - 40 wkStocksAdv (week)200 dTotalAdv (today)NH
Telecom Services - Foreign11.11016.6722.22-5.5628.9-6.68988.890155.5588.8911.11
Advertising Agencies10-1017.526-8.540.21-14.211040101113010
Gaming Activities10101529-1433.8-4.81060201593010
Entertainment - Diversified35.7114.2821.4327.58-6.1540.9-13.311478.570199.0121.437.14
Farm Products12.56.2515.6334.26-18.6439.4-5.141637.50121.7662.56.25
Mortgage Investment17.65-5.8820.5930.95-10.3644.18-13.231735.295.88125.0729.415.88
Technical Services10.53-4.4718.8832.95-14.0742.3-9.351921.055102.8247.375.26
Drug Manufacturers - Major22.5-1.8922.724.61-1.9136.42-11.814062.52.44155.56155

Here are today's leading industries.

Telecom services - foreign is a 9 sock group that is weak in every time frame except one - today. This one is one of the groups least likely to be affected by the shutdown, and that shows today. Mos of these are not terribly strong charts, but there are two that have a lot of short term strength - ORAN and TEF. This is a case where very short term relative strength can be deceptive.

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