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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Earnings Growth Charts

I have 25 stocks on the earnings list reporting last week, so I graphed the ones that I thought would be most of interest. I will post the rest later in the quarter when things are slow. On the graphs, in the top panel the red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, black is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle, the red line is quarterly EPS, green is quarterly revenue, black is price, and blue is price relative to SPX.  One of these reported the end of a fiscal year, on that one the large red bars are annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume.

AHGP is up first. This broke out of a long base earlier this yeat, had a nice gain, and appear to be starting another base. It is slowing down in both EPS and revenue growth, and we will have to wait to see if it has another burst of high growth, which is quite possible, but until then this probably isn;t going anywhere.

BWLD reported a very very high EPS growth, revenue growth a little on the low side but still good. The chart, however, is starting to have the look of a blow off top; that can go longer than I expect, so it can still rack up a good gain from here, but there is a lot of risk: when it comes down, it will come down fast.

CACC is been one of those ignored stocks that has had very consistent growth, both in EPS and revenue, and a very consistent 5 year up trend. It is in a base now and setting up another buying opportunity. I have missed the prior ones; I don;t plan on missing this one.

CRVL broke out of a long  base in June. The move up is not as vertical as it looks here on a linear chart. Earnings has lagged revenue for a while, but is catching up, and price is following earnings. This is currently in a pullback which might get it to the 50dma; if so, that would be the ideal entry point.

EPL is new on the list this quarter. I has pretty strong EPS and revenue grwoth, and has made a nice move this year, but dropped big on this quarter's report, so it is untouchable for now, but will likely for a base. It is probably not one to watch very closely for a while.

 KS has had a very sudden spike in EPS growth, which has been lagging revenue for years. Price started moving up well before EPS, so the market was anticipating this growth. It broke ou of a very short base on this report, but may not go much higher before forming a real base.

 LOPE is also new on the list this quarter. I have been following several of the for profit education stocks for years now: they have rune into political problems in the las few years which suppressed price: I mentioned that a few of them would continue to grow and be seriously undervalued when the heat dissipated: this is one of those. This is overdue for a base, but I don't know when we will get it.

NEU has had a pretty good 5 year run, but it appears to be slowing down. Revenue growth has gone flat, but EPS growth is still going. Thus broke out of a short base before this quarter's report, but it is doubtful that it will amount to much. It may be a while before we see high growth in this one again.

PSMT has had very inconsistent 5 year revenue growth, but EPS growth has been very consistent, and price   has gone along with it. It broke out again on this report and has achieved the status of market leader again. The lack of revenue growth has me a little bit concerned here, but the market doesn't seem to be sweating it. 

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