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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Earnings Growth Charts

 I have 4 graphs from this week, and 4 more that reported earlier this quarter, for a total of 8 this week. Most of the stocks on the earnings list have already reported this quarter, so I will be spending mos of December posting the ones that did not get posted earlier, and I will be able to get to nearly all of them. On the graphs, in the top panel the red line is quarterly EPS growth rate, black is quarterly revenue growth rate. In the middle the red line is quarterly EPS, green quarterly revenue, black price, and blue price relative to SPX. If the stock reports the end of a fiscal yeat, the large red bars are annual EPS. At the bottom the black bars are volume.

AVD reported on October 31, and the graph is current as of then. It gapped up on earnings, but pulled back to fill in the gap, and has since moved up a bit. I is in what appears to be a long term base. EPS and revenue both appear to be inconsistent in growth, but this does show flashes of high growth. I am waiting for this to prove itself as a consistent growth stock, and it has yet to do it.

 CRMT reported this week, and had a pretty big drop in EPS, but revenue still remains high. Growth is slowing down quite a bit, and this is also in a long term base, but looks like it has more potential: a breakout here should lead to a pretty good move, but there is no way of telling when that will come. However, if this quarter's EPS is not an anomaly and it is entering a down trend, price will likely follow. Right now, that looks unlikely.

 CYBX also reported this week. This is the one whose historical price data disappeared, and I never could fin out why, but EPS and revenue are both in strong up trends, and price wise, this is in a strong up trend, but according to price relative, it is not yet leading the market. It probably will in the near future.

 DEST also reported this week, and also reported the end of fiscal 2013. It has been dropping in EPS for the last two years. Revenue looks slightly better, but not much. however, this is in a very strong up trend and has been popping up on the price relative scan for months, so something is going on here. I will be keeping an eye on it.

DIN reported October 29. This one is really bizarre: revenue is is a sharp down trend, EPS has been essentially flat for a couple of years, but price is in a strong up trend. SOmething is going on here as well, and it beats me what that is.

 DORM reported October 29. This is in a very strong growth trend, and price is in a very strong up trend. It was due for a base, and since this chart was made, it has entered one. It looks like it is about to build the right side, and may be ready for a breakout attempt about the time it reports next quarter.

GEOS reported this week. It has triple digit growth this quarter and a big increase in annual EPS. It is in the right side of a base (it looks v shaped here; on a log chart is looks much better), but got hit pretty big on this report: it could be that the market does not anticipate that the current growth rate is sustainable. This one has some potential, but it is an untouchable for now.

TGI reported October 30, and reported a big drop in EPS, although revenue rose slightly. This was already in a base when it reported, and is continuing that base, and may be about to build the right side now. This may be another anomaly, but EPS has not grown for over a year, so it may be a while before this one is ready again. This currently has an almost $4 billion market cap, so it's day's as a growth stock may be coming to an end.

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